If there is one thing that we have learned from the changes to working structures and styles during the global pandemic of the past few years, it’s that remote work is here to stay. Not only have many companies and organisations embraced technology to enable their businesses to survive the worldwide crisis, but many professionals are now choosing to remain remote. There are numerous benefits to working remotely, including physical and mental health improvements, but the question on most minds when considering this life change is – are rewarding remote IT careers realistic?

The answer is a resounding Yes! Remote work is not a new concept in the world of IT, but it has increased significantly since 2020, with research showing that over 80% of workers in the IT and communications fields were working remotely in 2021. Statistics from employers in these industries, and others, demonstrate that remote workers are typically equally or more productive than their office-based colleagues, which means that many organisations will see this as a viable option to boost productivity, whilst reducing expenses.

But it is not only the employers who benefit financially from remote working arrangements. Reduced expenditure is just one of the many advantages of a remote IT career, but an important one. The money saved from not having to commute can be tremendous for some and there are other costs that can be cut too, such as lunch expenses, work-specific clothing, parking fees, and childcare. Saving money is one thing, but making money is a necessity for us all, so let’s take a brief look at some of the most financially rewarding remote IT careers.

Rewarding remote IT careers IT Career Switch

1. Web Developer (£45,750)

As a Web Developer, you’ll be responsible for creating websites using specific coding languages and ensuring that they meet the business needs of the organisation. This includes writing the code required for both the front and back ends of the website, working with graphic designers and other professionals, testing and monitoring the website, and resolving errors and issues. In the modern world, very few businesses can survive without a professional, functional, user-friendly website. Whether a small start-up or a thriving global enterprise, companies and organisations need to showcase their offerings and provide information and resources to potential customers and clients. The very foundational need for websites these days makes a career as a web developer one with enormous potential and staying power.

Rewarding remote IT careers IT Career Switch

2. Network Engineer (£55,000)

In the role of Network Engineer, you’ll be establishing, monitoring, and maintaining the networking environment of the organisation. This could include defining required system configurations, designing and implementing the installation of new and/or improved systems, monitoring and maximising network performance, troubleshooting and resolving issues, remote support to on-site engineers and users/clients, and reporting on network operational status and performance. An organisation’s network is its heart, and if the heart stops beating, the entire business is likely to come to a virtual standstill. As a network engineer, your skills and abilities will be crucial in ensuring that the business’ heart keeps beating steadily and healthily.

Rewarding remote IT careers IT Career Switch

3. Cyber Security Engineer (£70,000)

Cyber security is one of the fastest-growing IT fields, with statistics demonstrating that this is likely to continue for the foreseeable future due to the ever-increasing digitalisation of the modern world. With the advancement of technology and all that it has to offer, comes an evolving wave of cyber-criminals, and this means that virtually every company, organisation, and institution across the world requires cyber security in some form or another. As a cyber security professional, it will be your duty to protect sensitive information like personal data and financial records from cyber-attacks, investigate and expose potential security threats and system weaknesses, determine and implement required security measures, perform risk analyses, and monitor, maintain, and upgrade cyber security systems and installations.

Rewarding remote IT careers IT Career Switch

4. Web Application Developer (£82,500)

Another consistently in-demand and rewarding remote IT career is that of a Web Application Developer. These are the IT professionals who build the applications that we use across our electronic devices each and every day. From social media to business productivity to entertainment, apps are becoming the core foundation of much of our online experience, and this means that there is a constant need for qualified professionals to fulfil these developer roles. Tasks associated with the role of web application development typically include using leading programming languages to build the required apps, testing, facilitating app launches, resolving operational issues, and providing updates to the application systems.

Rewarding remote IT careers IT Career Switch

5. Network Architect (£102,000)

A highly rewarding remote IT career is that of a Network Architect. These are the IT wizards who design and create data communication for wide or local area networks and intranets. It is a network architect’s responsibility to analyse a business’s plans and goals to understand its needs, and then determine and develop the most beneficial network system for that organisation. This typically includes tasks such as creating layouts and plans to present to the organisation’s leaders, identifying current and future data communication needs, determining and recommending hardware upgrades, identifying the required placement and layout of hardware, and mapping the “big-picture” plans for the business’s data communication evolvement. Network design, modelling, security, maintenance, and documentation all fall within the scope of a network architect’s role, and career opportunities in this field have been increasing with relative consistency in recent years.

So, if you are looking for a role that pays well, has proven longevity, and provides high levels of job satisfaction, then one of these (or these) rewarding remote IT careers could be a perfect fit for you. To make sure that you get the absolute most out of your studies and career, IT Career Switch will provide guidance and support throughout your training journey, as well as help you to reach that exhilaratingly triumphant moment when you secure your career-changing IT role. Let today be the day that you decide to pursue a promising professional path and become one of our successful Career Switchers.

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