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How does the job guarantee money back policy work?

Our job guarantee or your money back policy is detailed in our terms and conditions. If you are not offered a new job within 15 weeks of completing your traineeship, we will refund 100% of your course fees back to you.

Will the job be in my area?

Yes, within 20miles of your home location

Do your Traineeships include exams?

Yes, all our traineeships include official exams that are recognised worldwide.

How can you offer job guarantees?

We have our own internal recruitment team and network of partner companies across the UK to ensure that you will be successfully placed within a new role. We have a proven track record of consistently placing our students within 15 weeks of completing their studies. 

Will I get all of my money back if I don't get a job?

Yes, you will get 100% of your course fees refunded if no job offer is made to you within 15 weeks of completion of your Traineeship.

How will I be learning?
You will be learning via video lectures, mock tests, virtual Livelabs & practical projects, depending on which traineeship you choose.
How long will I be studying for?

This will depend on which traineeship you choose. The quickest study time is 12 weeks full-time study.

Can anyone join this package?

Yes, our Traineeships are open to anyone who is passionate, motivated and looking to start a new career.

What job will I get after training?
This will depend on which traineeship you choose. Please view the traineeship page that’s of interest to you for the job descriptions.
What starting salary can I expect?

All our traineeships come with a salary guarantee of 21-35K apart from coding which is 25k – 40k.

Are your courses accredited?
Yes, all of our training has been fully accredited.
Are your payment plans interest free?
Yes, all of our payment plans are interest free.
When can I start the training?
As soon as you are ready to take your first step into a new career, we can get you registered and started within 2-4 hours.
What computer do I need to learn?

Either a desktop PC, laptop or tablet. Practical training must be completed via a desktop PC.

Do I sit official exams for all the courses?

Most traineeships involve only sitting a couple of official exams. The rest of the courses are used for knowledge that is later included in your rebranded CV.

Can I study around my current job?
Yes, the majority of our students are working full-time so you can study around your current commitments.
How quick will I be placed into a new role?

On average our students receive a job offer around the 6-week mark into the 15-week recruitment period.

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