Patrick Trollip

Job Before:  Security Guard

Job Now:  Cyber Security Analyst @ State Street


Course:  Cyber Security Traineeship
Placement Date: December 2022

Why did you start the Traineeship?
So I reach the glass ceiling in the physical security industry and it no longer aligned with my career goals. I am a very determined and hardworking guy who doesn’t believe in letting others determine your limits. So I chose to commit my free time to learn valuable skills and making the most of my limited time wasted in a job that kills time with little return. I took the initiative to find a solution to this goal and the IT career switch gave me the opportunity I needed when I had no real clue about how to start. I could not commit to full-time education and I felt too old and lacked the education required to get into university not mean a lack of money for that. So IT career switch suited my stage in life perfectly.
What did you enjoy most about the Traineeship?
I enjoyed the journey. The journey taught me to love learning. It taught me to be more disciplined and to appreciate and value my time. I also enjoyed the wealth of information I was getting and enjoyed sharing what I learned along the way. I did not notice how much I had learnt until people I know started asking me for IT help. It was then that I realized I learnt a lot and had more knowledge than I felt like I did during the journey. If I had to choose though the networking and security training was my favourite of the courses.
What's your current role like?
I had great support from the job searching team and also took it upon myself to search for other roles I believed I had what it took to do. I applied for many jobs and I recommend you do the same but SERIOUSLY, don’t use the same CV for all the jobs. You must make them each unique or don’t bother at all. My job search was filled with ups and downs. I attended in-person interviews and virtual interviews and with the right interview, advice was fortunate to land my first IT role as a Cyber security analyst, working in a great environment where they help me grow as a cyber professional building upon the foundations of IT career switch gave me. One of the Helpdesk roles I interviewed for prior, even though I was overqualified and offered me a higher paying position too so I had great opportunities ahead of me. I am very grateful and fortunate to be where I am now and very satisfied. The takeaway I have for you is this….take this training seriously, apply yourself and be committed to this and work hard. It will pay off for you if you are honest with yourselves and don’t waste your valuable time on distractions. It will be difficult sometimes but this is an investment in YOU. Invest in yourself and take it seriously and you will get a return on it. Thank you IT career switch for giving me directions on how to reach my goal.