Dragomir Slavov

Job Before: Store Assistant

Job Now: IT Technician @ Excellimore



Course: IT Technician Traineeship
Placement Date: January 2022

Why did you start the Traineeship?
I have always been keen on computers. Since a young age, I’ve been tinkering with my laptops and PC’s, opening them up, examining the different components, changing, upgrading and maintaining them. At the beginning of the pandemic, I decided that it was about time for a career change. I was stuck in retail/customer service for a decade(mostly shops, warehouses and hospitality) and I wasn’t seeing any positive career future there. So I decided I should look elsewhere, to try to work on something that I would enjoy and that will be meaningful to me. So given my computer skills and the many positive reviews of IT Career Switch I had to go for it. I was considering between the Coding and Cyber security courses, but coding seemed too complicated. So in October 2020, I have signed up for the Cyber security course.
What did you enjoy most about the Traineeship?
I was very pleasantly surprised that my focus changed completely. I had a goal and studying and watching all of the videos was interesting and entertaining. Although some of the videos were a bit confusing and complicated, everything became more clear once I reached the Live Labs. Brilliant set-up with easy to understand tutorials and notes! Thanks to the course I managed to prepare myself adequately for the CompTIA A+ certification exams, which I passed from the first try. Also worth mentioning is the exams support – very professional, straight to the point and encouraging. Shout out to Sarah, my job-seeking consultant, who was checking on me each week and forwarding many IT positions suitable for me.
What's your current role like?
I am working in an IT cloud service providing company, based in the centre of Edinburgh. My role is Junior Technician. I am still training but so far I am enjoying it and can’t wait to start resolving clients issues. My colleagues are great and patient with me, I like the hybrid type of work – half a week in the office, half at home. I am there for almost a month now and I am feeling more and more confident each day. Couldn’t wish for a better start.