Martin Durrant

Job Before: Freelance Web Developer

Martin Durrant IT Career Switch

Job Now: Full Stack Developer @ Motoring Assistance

Martin Durrant IT Career Switch

Course: Coding Traineeship
Placement Date: March 2021

Why did you start the Traineeship?

I have had the good fortune of working with some great developers during my career and have always been fascinated by the process of programming but felt that the opportunity to pursue it as a career had long passed me by.

However, redundancy and covid, combined with a non-existent job market, left me wondering how to use my time productively. After some research, I found IT Career Switch and I was amazed to see that at the age of 41 it wasn’t too late to pursue a career in development. The team were friendly and informative and gave me the reassurance that even at my age they were 100% confident at getting me a work placement upon completion of the course.

So I took the plunge and signed up, and so my journey began.

What did you enjoy most about the Traineeship?

There is a lot of information to absorb, but the way the training packages are pieced together really helps you progress at a pace that fits with your current work/life balance.  Also if you need support then the team are on hand to help.

What's your current role like?

As promised at the very beginning of the process, IT Career Switch found me a placement with a small start-up business 20 mins drive from my house.  I was amazed how quickly you utilise the skills you learnt during the training and in the first couple of weeks, I was given the responsibility to implement the company’s new website design. I’m so pleased I found ITCS and over the moon with my new career path.