Lucas Zuchinalli

Job Before: PTP Specialist

Lucas Zuchinalli IT Career Switch

Job Now: Web Developer @ TYXAN

Lucas Zuchinalli IT Career Switch

Course: Coding Traineeship
Placement Date: May 2021

Why did you start the Traineeship?

I always wanted to learn the skillset to work as a developer, but I graduated in a different area and never really had a chance to follow the patch. When I found the traineeship I realize that it was an opportunity to start learning something that I wanted without leaving my current job.

What did you enjoy most about the Traineeship?

Learning in my own time was fundamental. It was amazing to see how much you are able to learn in 6 months.

What's your current role like?

It’s exactly what I was expecting. I have the chance to talk to clients, understand their needs and build solutions to solve their problems. Also, my team is extremely supportive and up to try new approaches to solve issues.