Karolina Szamay

Job Before: University Student

Karolina Szamay IT Career Switch

Job Now: Junior Field Support Analyst @ Selected Intervention

Karolina Szamay IT Career Switch
Course: IT Technician Traineeship
Placement Date: August 2021
Why did you start the Traineeship?
I have always wanted to study and work in IT as I have a huge passion for tech, but the timing was never right. When the pandemic hit and I suddenly had way too much free time I started to look into my options and found this fantastic opportunity.
What did you enjoy most about the Traineeship?
I enjoyed that I could study at my own pace and work independently but if I needed help my tutor was always just an e-mail away. I also really loved the live labs where I was able to test my knowledge.
What's your current role like?
My current role is great so far. I am able to combine my past experiences in communication with the knowledge I gained through the IT Career Switch. I solve first line client issues and configure devices which I believe is the best of both worlds. The company provides opportunities and guidance to further develop my skills and to learn something new every day.