Juliane Bockmühl

Job Before: Tour Guide

Job Now: Customer Support Engineer @ Aridhia – Digital Research Environment




Course: Cyber Security Traineeship
Placement Date: August 2021

Why did you start the Traineeship?
Having worked as a tour guide until the pandemic started, I decided to use lockdown for re-training for a role that would offer greater job security. IT Career Switch offered the perfect solution by providing me with a clear pathway and a guaranteed positive outcome, which especially during the uncertainty of lockdown was important to me.
What did you enjoy most about the Traineeship?
I really enjoyed the variety of course content and having different instructors (as not all of the instructors matched my learning preferences, which is normal). The live labs were incredibly effective in manifesting a lot of the theory as I was able to experiment in the command line of the different VMs for the first time and explore some of the processes I’d only seen demonstrated to me until then. Finally, having a recruitment agent by my side when it got to applications was probably my favourite part as I was very nervous about technical interviews and received such helpful tips from her that I got hired by the first company who invited me to interviews. So between writing, my last exam and getting the job offer only 3 weeks went by which I did not expect.
What's your current role like?
I now work as a Support Engineer at a cloud-service provider for medical research. My current role is everything I’d hoped to get out of my first job in IT! It is home-based, but I have several calls a day with my team so that I never feel alone in my work. It also brings the right amount of daily challenges with it that gradually increase my skill set without being too overwhelming. Everyone is incredibly supportive and never makes me feel bad about not knowing something. Above all, I am really passionate about the type of work I get to enable as a Support Engineer as the company provides valuable platforms for research in the medical field.