Johnathan Rees

Job Before: Audience Growth Strategist

Johnathan Rees IT Career Switch

Job Now: Service Desk Technician @ CGI



Johnathan Rees IT Career Switch

Course: IT Technician Traineeship
Placement Date: October 2021

Why did you start the Traineeship?
I started the traineeship as I wanted to change my career as I was working in Media & Publishing. I wanted a fresh start in a new sector.
What did you enjoy most about the Traineeship?
I really enjoyed the Livelabs section of the course. This allowed some practical experience rather than just watching videos. The videos were however very well made and extremely formative – enough for me to pass the exams at least!
What's your current role like?
I’ve just started on a Service Desk at CGI where they’ve given me more training. Really enjoy being part of the team and learning on the job as I go!