Ed Smith

Job Before: Translator


Ed Smith IT Career Switch

Job Now: 1st Line Support @ CDW Ltd

Ed Smith IT Career Switch
Course: IT Technician Traineeship
Placement Date: December 2020
Why did you start the Traineeship?
I had taken my then career path (freelance translation) about as far as I was ever likely to. I craved new challenges. I had been interested in IT since my childhood when we had an early personal computer. I had always used IT in my job and I was the first port of call for family and friends wanting computer help and advice. I knew the IT industry was a good industry to work in and so the Traineeship seemed a natural step for me. The courses IT Career Switch were offering looked like an excellent staging post to begin a new career in the industry.
What did you enjoy most about the Traineeship?
I enjoyed the broad yet quite deep coverage of all kinds of IT aspects, as well as the good support I received. I perhaps found the hardware and OS stuff most interesting, but I learned the most from the networking components. The video courses were flexible and for me an excellent way to study, as I could fit them around my existing job.
What's your current role like?
I am working in a Helpdesk role. I am still in training, but my new role promises to be varied and interesting, with plenty of challenges and knowledge needed in both the hardware and software spheres. It looks like I will need a fair bit of what I learned from the ITCS courses in my new role; the courses provided a really good foundation for my further development, and the material in the courses on domains and Active Directory should prove especially useful.