Apurva Shah

Job Before: Online Assistant

Apurva Shah IT Career Switch

Job Now: IT Desktop Support Analyst @ AXA

Apurva Shah IT Career Switch
Course: Cyber Security Traineeship
Placement Date: March 2021
Why did you start the Traineeship?

I always had a passion for IT, but due to financial responsibilities could not take the plunge, fortunately, due to Pandemic- I had time to study at my own pace. This traineeship suited me perfectly compared to others on offer (including apprenticeship programmes). I had a very strong customer service background and needed the right skill sets to undertake that 1st step into IT support, this traineeship has provided me with that edge.

What did you enjoy most about the Traineeship?

What I enjoyed most were the selection of courses, they are neutral. The ease of access to the courses and friendly people to deal with.

What's your current role like?

My current role is full on. Constantly busy, not one day is the same. I am learning new systems, getting hands-on experience. Challenging at times, but when the end user is satisfied with the solution provided, it makes my day. I am very thankful to the IT Career Switch for giving me this opportunity.