Andy McInnes

Job Before: Office Admin

Andy McInnes IT Career Switch

Job Now: Systems Engineer @ iomart
Andy McInnes IT Career Switch
Course: IT Technician Traineeship
Placement Date: March 2020
Why did you start the Traineeship?
I started the Traineeship as a way to develop a new career in an industry which is continually evolving. I wanted to develop skills which would allow me to progress and find opportunities in something I had an interest in, and understand better the technology which I made use of every day.
What did you enjoy most about the Traineeship?
I enjoyed how varied and thorough the course content was. I also really enjoyed and made use of the labs which provided a space to experiment and learn more practical skills without creating too many problems.
What's your current role like?
My current role has included a rather steep learning curve, but I feel I am developing well into the position and putting to use many of the skills I learned throughout the course. There are plenty of helpful colleagues who are willing to share a wealth of experience where required, which is certainly reassuring.